'Documentary', 'Family Photojournalism', 'Reportage', 'Storytelling'...

these are a few terms used to describe what is essentially capturing real moments of family life without any interference from the photographer. The objective is to record a family's daily routines, habits and behaviours as if there was no photographer present. It is a way of preserving a segment of family life as it is right now. Family life changes quickly as children grow, and this is a wonderful way to freeze time and bottle up the moments and memories that are so fleeting.

Your kids won't watch Sponge Bob Square Pants for long, you won't always have to sit on the kitchen floor to settle them and they'll not want to share the bath tub with their siblings for much longer. But these moments are important and they are part of your family story.

These are the moments that your will cherish the most when you look back on them in 20 years' time, memories that would otherwise be forgotten.

Our day to day lives are worth celebrating and remembering.

Nothing posed, nothing directed, just honest family moments.